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YouTube is the only platform where you get to explore your inner hobbies or passion through uploading videos and get paid for the same. This is the only reason why millions of people across the globe are connected with this platform. In fact, every human being uses YouTube either to get entertained or entertain people.

YouTube came into existence from the year 2005. In due course of time it has managed to be an important element of everyone’s life. The reason behind its relatability with people from all parts of the world is its multi-niche content. You get to choose what you want to watch. Videos of the similar category are recommended to you. We get to consume content, learn and get entertained without paying anything for it. This makes it the best video based platform that ever existed or will exist. If you’re striving to be a successful Content creator then this article is totally going to help you succeed.

YouTube is the ‘Number 1’ platform for creators as it is the only application that pays you for all the hard work that you put to bring that content out to their platform. It opened plenty of doors for digital content creators. Now people aim to be digital creators and take it as a full time profession. There are huge number of digital creators who have been highly benefitted from this platform.

You clearly don’t have to invest anything at the prior stage to make and upload videos. A phone and Internet connection is enough to start your YouTube career. After you gain some experience you can invest your money in a good camera and microphone that will help you enhance your content. This is something that people have been doing.
You might be wondering how earning from YouTube actually works?

There are two main elements that you will have to focus and work on, in order to start or boost your income from YouTube. The first element is the number of views. After you monetize your YouTube channel your income starts after your videos have been watched till a certain number of hours. You can only achieve the hours when you have plenty of viewers which means views.

When you have more views, you have more watch hours and this is the factor that initiates your earning. As content is readily available there are chances of your content getting completely unnoticed and therefore, less views. But, don’t worry about this at all. By the end of this article you will get an amazing solution to this problem. The second most important element is your subscribers. Subscribers are the people who believe in your content and wish to see more of you in the near future.

Hence, they subscribe to your channel. All the subscribers of your channel get notified whenever you upload a video or post. Consider your subscribers as your loyal audience who will watch your content and even increase the number of views by sharing it with their friends and family. It is very important to have a base of loyal audience in order to grow on YouTube.
Views and subscribers to some extent depend on each other.

If you get some views, the viewers who liked your work will subscribe to your channel and those subscribers will watch and share your content which will eventually increase your views and watch hours. As now you’re clear about both the elements and know their importance, further in this article you’ll get to know about how to get more views and subscribers.

The competition has highly increased due to huge number of digital content creators. This is the reason why budding creators face stagnancy in their reach. They get less views and subscribers. Don’t be disappointed as there is a solution to this problem. There are some tools that help you increase your reach by boosting your view and subscriber count. These tools give you an opportunity to buy views and subscribers. By using these tools you can start or increase your income and reach heights. These tools minimise your stress and adds to the reason of your happiness.


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The customer base is phenomenal. You get to experience the services from this platform absolutely for free. This is the reason why YouTubers use this platform to boost their channel. SubPals have successfully managed to build a community where in creators are benefitted by helping each other. The whole community consists of YouTubers.

After you start using SubPal you get guaranteed 10 subscribers in a span of twelve hours. This doesn’t stops here. After every twelve hours you will consistently get 10 subscribers . The new subscribers start liking your videos. Once you sign up on this platform you will have to go through the process of subscribing other YouTube channels and liking their videos. After you finish the whole process you will have to wait for some time and see happening the same with your YouTube channel.

This seems extremely impossible to believe but the results will immensely blow your mind. If you’re concerned about its security then throw all your worries away because SubPals in 100 % secure. Users are highly satisfied about the safety that this platform provides.

If you have any doubt about the working of the platform or somehow get stuck while using it, you can immediately ask them about it through an email. Your queries will be answered instantly. So go ahead and login on the platform to give your YouTube channel a kick. This is the best option that you can use to grow as a digital content creator.
Wishing you all the luck for your YouTube channel!