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What is BuzzSumo & Why Content Marketers can’t live without it?

Content is King! Sounds familiar, right? 

But what makes a content click? Is it the style of writing, right targeting, trending topics or the combination of all? 

Fret not, we have a friend who can tell us all and yes you’ve guessed it right. That is Buzz Sumo, a revolutionary tool that helps in strategizing your content marketing by analyzing the trends,reader’s intent and right keywords to optimize your ROI. 

Let’s look at the power packed features of BuzzSumo which makes it indispensable for any content marketer And in this article, we are going to review all the features individually below : 


  1. Brand Reputation Monitoring 

Through its comprehensive content analysis engine Buzzsumo, offers a functionality to monitor your brand reputation and it’s mentions/presence over the internet. 

You will be notified every time your brand is mentioned over the internet and it will help in managing your brand online. 


  1. Content Analysis 

Producing awesome content on a regular is not an easy task. To keep yourself on top of the market, You will have to dig a little deeper and know what’s trending and what people love to read.

BuzzSumo Research Content helps you create content that is loved by content marketers & readers by analyzing the trends and the overall interests of the users for a particular topic. 

It also helps you generate ideas depending upon the user’s searches and interests. 


  1. Most Shared Feature 

Total number of Engagements is one of the most important for google to know about the performance of your posts. 

The more the engagements, the more relatable and quality of your article is in the eyes of google and that’s exactly what Buzz sumo helps us monitor. 

Through its keyword search bar. Buzz sumo give us the “Total Engagement” wise results which helps you understand the most relevant articles/posts in that particular niche. 


  1. Trending Now

This is mainly for websites involved in promoting news/current affairs as their primary niche. 

From their “Trending now” tab, you can easily see the news/current affairs which are creating the most sensation at a particular time and the best part is that you can filter out these trending news as per the date & time stamp, country, language, business, sports etc. 

This feature is gold for organizations dealing with news, media or current affairs. 

Writing about trending topics helps get immediate attention considering the amount of buzz that is already going around that particular news and you’re using that buzz to promote your content. 


  1. Content Analysis 

This is the favourite feature of a content marketer as this helps the content creator estimate the efforts spent on content creation and distributing. 

Accordingly, the content creator can plan the efforts and return on investment on the content created. 

This gives all the analytics related to the content that you have published. You just need to provide the name of your website and the tool will churn out the analytics related to the engagements on each post, average engagement per article, content type and much more. 

It can also provide some peek into your reader’s behaviour by providing data points like, total engagements by day, content type

BuzzSumo also helps you keep an eye on your competition and helps you to understand the content of your competition as well with its feature like “Domain Comparisons” 


  1. Backlinks 

Some people might say that backlinks are dead but this is not the case at all. Getting reference from a good quality website should never be underrated. 

Backlinks are essential for content marketing and without a strong backlinks profile, you would note be able to rise in the eyes of google or any other search platform. 

Buzz sumo helps you understand your backlink profile and identify the gaps which you can use to increase the domain authority of your website. 


  1. Question Analyzer 

“Question analyzer” feature of the Buzz sumo helps you understand the queries & questions your customers or readers might have. 

BuzzSumo’s question analyzer helps in analyzing all the questions asked about the brand/keyword you provide in the search bar. 

Accordingly, you can prepare your content strategy keeping the questions in the center of your content strategy. 


  1. Find Influencers

BuzzSumo also helps you find influencers that have the similar audience and niche that you are working on. 

Secondly, it also gives visibility around the top quality content that is written related to your niche and industry. 


  1. Top Authors 

BuzzSumo also helps in knowing the top authors in a particular niche. You just need to provide the keywords, BuzzSumo will churn out the list of top authors, their content pieces and their engagement. 

You can use this data to plan your content strategy and to collaborate with the right thought leaders in your niche 


Buzzsomo Group Buy


BuzzSumo is a must have tool in the content tool stack of a Digital Marketer. 

From finding the trending topics to finding the engagement analytics, from finding influencers to finding the contact details of top authors, BuzzSumo has a lot to offer to meet the requirements of a Digital Marketer. 

In conclusion, we have no doubt that BuzzSumo will help you achieve your content marketing goals. So go check out, they are offering a 30 day trial period as well. Click on this link to get started right away! 

In the end, We wish you all the best for your Digital Marketing Journey ahead!


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