Clickmagick Tracking Software – Is it the Right Choice? 


Generally speaking, ClickMagick is one of the most popular link/click tracking software. It is really important to track your sales funnel on the same or different devices, and optimize your ad performance.

If you really want to grow your business online it becomes imperative to track all the traffic to know which type of traffic provides you maximum conversions through your sales funnel.

 ClickMagick lets you test and optimizes links and ads in all of your marketing campaigns through segmenting clicks and analyzing real-time traffic through URLs that you need to track. It gives you a better way as to which type of traffic works best for you and provides maximum conversions to boost your sales.

Good tracking software is really important for scaling up your SEO business. Let’s understand who all need to have ClickMagick software.

  • Online business websites that exchange traffic with other websites for online presence.
  • Bloggers who really want to know the quantity and quality of different traffic sources.
  • Affiliate marketers that are looking for high conversion traffic through the sales funnel, landing pages, and email campaigns.
  • Marketers involved in SEO content creation, running email marketing campaigns, and CRM marketing.
  • Different marketing agencies need to know what works best for a business to grow.


ClickMagick a Reliable Resource

You always need to have the right picture as to what works best for your business and for that you need to have a reliable source that can provide reliable stats. You cannot simply rely on your ad networks, affiliate networks, shopping cart, autoresponder, and other marketing apps.

This is due to the reason that they don’t have the necessary sources or the data points that can provide you accurate and actionable insights to grow your business.

ClickMagick is the one place where you can see all the important metrics and the actual results with maximum accuracy.


Cross-Device Tracking

Since a whole lot of people use different internet devices. It is not always possible to track their activity using conventional tracking systems. They could be using different devices like iPhones, iPads to check out different products before making a purchase on their desktop.

But ClickMagick enables you to do cross-device tracking and optimize your sales funnel accordingly.


Help you find Reliable Customers via Ad Networks 

Social media platforms like Google and Facebook use different algorithms to find out more customers but it only works well if they have the correct data to work on to increase your sales.

ClickMagick Audience Optimization helps sent the actual conversion rates to the platforms you use to advertise and promote your brand so that you have more accurate data to work with. It will help target better customers at the lowest cost possible.


Ability to Track & Optimize Sales Funnel

ClickMagick has a lot to offer other than just being a “link tracker” and you can use it to track each and every detail of a sales funnel.

For instance, ClickMagick Campaigns uses modern tracking solutions like UTM modules and “first-party” cookies. To track your entire sales funnel effortlessly with no tracking links or redirects.


ClickShield helps reduce Ad Spend 

You might be putting your best efforts into your ad networks but you can still end up paying a lot for plenty of “clicks” from automated software programs called “bots”. Also, your competitors might be trying to drive up your costs.

But with ClickMagick’s Click Shield you need not worry as you can set up simple rules to define what type of customer behavior per click is acceptable and healthy for your business, and the rest can be blocked. This will save your earnings for the same number of conversions.


Track Offline Sales Conversions

If you are into taking orders offline via phone then it is very difficult to track your orders accurately. So if offline sales make up a considerable amount of total revenue then you don’t have a proper way to optimize your ads to scale up your business.

ClickMagick platform can really help small businesses to easily and accurately track offline conversions from an ad or promotional piece that generated the customer.


Provides accurate Stats & Reports in Real Time

There are many systems available in the market that can boast of helping you see the key performance metrics and stats. Still, these systems don’t provide you the full picture of stats and reports.

ClickMagick, on the other hand, provides you quick and easy access to all the stats and figures like conversion rates, ad spends, profit, ROI, average order value, return on ad spend, and so much more. It helps you a lot to improve your marketing, all in real-time.


Retargeting Multi-Platform 

Multi-Platform retargeting helps you increase exposure to all your offers and increase your sales by following up with your visitors all over the web.  This could be the most profitable advertising you will ever do.

ClickMagick’s Multi-Platform retargeting allows you to add unlimited retargeting pixels from any retargeting networks you use.


Best Click Rotators to distribute incoming traffic

ClickMagick software uses click “rotators” to distribute incoming traffic to different URLs exactly the way you want. These are best used with email marketing, “solo ads, ad co-ops, and affiliate CPA offers.

It has 5 different types of rotators having the ability to deliver the traffic based on device type, time, location, and lots more. ClickMagick gives you unlimited options that the other systems can’t.


Tools to support Affiliate Marketing 

Over a period of time, ClickMagick has evolved to become much more than being a “Super affiliate” to manage his own multi-million dollar affiliate business.

ClickMagick gives you a massive competitive advantage. “Dynamic affiliate links” let you take control of the sales process when promoting affiliate offers. Automatic split testing helps you optimize all of your landing pages and affiliate promotions. Automatic Postback Builder helps you integrate with every major affiliate network. 


Quality Analysis of Traffic

Quality of traffic is always important to know which traffic sources are working for you and which ones are simply a waste of time and money.

All your tracking links are provided with a unique Traffic Quality Score by ClickMagick. This provides you a clear picture of what kind of traffic you are getting. The system will alert you if the click quality is low so that you can make informed decisions.


Automated & reliable Split Testing

Many people opt for split testing to know exactly where the traffic is coming from and who is the real winner and make important decisions based on that information.

But ClickMagick offers automated and Intelligent Split Testing that eliminates all the discrepancies of data. The proprietary algorithms it uses will instantly alert you when you have a statistically valid winner and can help you redirect all of your traffic to the winning variation automatically.

Let’s summarize what we have discussed in terms of the Pros and Cons of using ClickMagick software in a nutshell.



  • ClickMagick comes with highly flexible features that can help you promote your business online
  • Link rotation is one of the important features offered by ClickMagick as it helps you to distribute traffic to different offers and also if you’re into click selling
  • Cross-platform conversion is another advanced feature which many other tools are lacking. FB ads have this but are not of much use to us, marketers
  • Funnel builder tool lets you build links for your sales funnel effortlessly
  • The Postback URL feature lets you track conversions without pixels when dealing with affiliate offers
  • There some really good features that come with the software like Click IP lookup, ID Lookup, Pixel Debugger, and others
  • Batch editor functionality lets you edit ClickMagick links in bulk
  • ClickMagick provides quality analytics, stats, and other data all in one place
  • Also I must admit that they provide the best support and are more than happy to help you out. They have a fast response support system in place.



  • ClickMagick software is a bit expensive as compared to other similar tools available in the market
  • I would personally recommend that some enhancements should be done to the UI interface to make it easy to understand. If you are a newbie, you might need to spend some time to understand what all features are being offered