Hello readers, are you planning to start your website this year? Don’t miss the FlyWheel Black Friday Deals and with exciting offers. 

This pandemic year made everything expensive, are you planning to cancel your web hosting plan to save some papers? Stop there is no need Flywheel has announced high benefiting offers.  Are you interested to know what they provide? How to activate FlyWheel Black Friday deal? Follow the article with me. 



FlyWheel Black Friday Deals 2022

FlyWheel is best known for its best WordPress hosting plans. If you are a newbie in WordPress then FlyWheel is the best choice for you. They provide Speed and secure hosting plans. 

And for this Black Friday, they have something more to please their customers. FlyWheel provides free WordPress hosting for 3 months for annual purchases. You can purchase any annual plan; no matter what you select you can enjoy 3 months of free hosting. 

And they also provide many coupon codes; you can get up to 60% off by using them. FlyWheel provides different pricing plan want to know which suits you best. Here are the different Black Friday Deals and Annual plans for your choice. 


FlyWheel Black Friday Deals – Pricing and Plans

 FlyWheel offers both a single website and multiple sites hosting plans. You can select any plan that best suits you. The minimum rate starts at $14/month.  

Single Site plans

If you are in the need of a single site for your firm you get three plans to choose from, they are tiny, Personal, and professional. Each plan has its features let us examine them further. 

  1. I)  Tiny Plan

It is the best pick for the newbie or rookie who has more to learn about Web Hosting. It is the best plan for the starters whose site doesn’t have large traffic.  This plan is very simple and has a minimal subscription fee of $14/month.

This plan is for the sites that receive 5000 monthly page visits. It has a 5 GB disk base and 250 GB Bandwidth. It comes with a CDN price of $10/month. If you claim the annual packages you will get a free discount for the first three months. 

This plan is best for those who want to check their skills or experiment with their new business idea. This plan provides basic features that are needed for the efficient operation of the sites. 

  1. II) Personal Plan

This is the best choice for those sites that don’t deal with large customers or involve low interactions with the users. It is recommended for those who plan to earn by blogging. 

The price of the plan is $28 per month or $330 yearly. It comes with the following features like 10 GB Disk Base, 500GB Bandwidth, and Free SSL certificate. You can also opt for multisite at the rate of $10/month. 

This plan is Ideal for a page that has a minimum of 25,000-page visits per month. 

III) Professional Plan

It is the premium single site plan offered by the FlyWheel, it comes with many advanced features. The rate starts at $69/month or $825/year. If you are corporate business firm place orders and interactions through your site then this is the best choice for you. 

It comes with 20 GB disk space, 1 TB Bandwidth, Free SSL certificate, Free CDN, Free multiple sites, and also 3 months free service. It is the best pick for a person who focuses on the quality and security of the site, rather than the price. 

This plan is for sites that have more than 100,000 views per month. 


Many Site Plans

They also provide two other hosting plans for many sites focusing mainly on the freelancer and Agency. And the plans are named as its purpose. The minimum rate for many sites plan is $92/month.

  1. I) Freelance plan 

This plan comes with a monthly subscription of $92. If your site has more than 150,000 monthly page views then you can choose this plan. You can get 10 WordPress Installs, 40 GB Disk Space, and 4 TB Bandwidth with this freelance hosting plan. 

It also has the other basic features like a free SSL certificate, $10 CDN, and 3 months free service.

  1. II) Agency Plan

It is the premium version of many sites’ plans. Its price is $229/month. It has 120 GB Disk Space, 8 TB Bandwidth, Dedicated Account manager. It also comes with discounted CDN and Discounted Multiple sites plan. 

It is the best choice for the page that having month visits of more than 600,000.


Custom Plan

If you don’t find any of the above plan suits you can email FlyWheel for a Custom hosting plan. Mostly they provide a Custom hosting plan for the sites that has page views greater than the Agency plan. But you can also request a Custom plan with fewer views 

All their plans come with many WordPress Add-0ns and 24/7 support. Alright by now you should have decided the best plan is for you now let us see how to activate your Black Friday deals offer. 


How to Activate Flywheel Black Friday Deals

Getting your 3-month free hosting plan through Flywheel Black Friday Deals is very simple. Follow these steps

  • Go to the official Website of Flywheel (provide the link here)
  • Checks the pricing section and select your preferred hosting plan and click get started.
  • Then you will be directed to create your FlyWheel Account, create your account with your active email so that you can be updated.
  • In the next step you will be asked to provide you subscription details. Be aware of while selecting the Datacenter. After you make a payment you will get your free hosting plan in your hand.


 Even if there is no discount I will recommend the Flywheel for the beginners or designer who wishes to experiment. There is no doubt that FlyWheel is one of the best Hosting services. If I get the best at discount, I won’t miss it. Will you? Go get your 3 months free hosting plan. 

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