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When a person is newbie in the filed of SEO, then mostly they prefer to group buy seo tools as they can get them at a very low / cheap price.

These days, there are a lot of options available in the market where you can group buy seo tool.


Best Group Buy Seo Tools


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What are SEO Tools?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

And the tools that help you in your SEO efforts of improving your site’s ranking are generally called SEO tools.

SEO tools are web-based programs that help in optimizing your website for better search engine rankings. They can help initiate the possibility of a web page to get a higher rank in the search engine results page. SEO tools help uncover untapped areas of weakness and opportunities that may help in gaining visibility in search engines. Needless to mention that SEO tools are designed to make your SEO effective, faster, and easier.


SEO will only be fruitful when your site produces great content and creates a great user experience for visitors. Essentially, the idea behind SEO tools is that it lets you get more work done in less time thus maximizing your productivity.


Various tools are available for different tasks. SEO tools can help you with traffic analysis, keyword research, backlink research, local SEO, mobile SEO, on-page SEO, site speed, and much more. For bloggers, marketers, webmasters, and SEO executives it is essential to monitor how their website is performing in order to improve their rankings. SEO tools can prove to be incredibly useful if you master how to use them to make the most out of your SEO efforts.


Why do We Use SEO Tools?

Maintaining SEO, backlinks, finding keywords, auditing errors, and all other necessary things is a tedious job to do. SEO tools help you automate such tasks and helps you save time and energy. It’s nothing new that having reliable SEO tools will make your SEO strategies stronger and effective. With SEO tools you can get alerts on not only how your website is performing but also how your competitors are doing.

Doing SEO for any website requires skills, knowledge, and of course, SEO tools. No SEO strategy is complete without SEO tools. Approaching SEO with the right strategies not only helps you gain visibility on search engines but also helps your business gain new clients without paying huge amounts for ads on various platforms. By following the right SEO strategies you gain long-term benefits for your website, unlike short-term visibility by paid ads.

Imagine building a website but being unable to see what your website’s traffic or rankings are.

You can definitely build a website but without using SEO tools you would never know who visited your website, what traffic your website is getting from which source, how many links your website is gaining and losing, and a lot more things. Imagine you are going to write a blog post for your website but you don’t have any idea about what your target audience is searching so you will end up creating your blog post on any topic you will feel like creating.

But how about if you already knew what your readers or target audience are searching, how many times any search term is being searched, how difficult it is to rank for such keywords, and many more details. What do you think is the smarter way?

If I am not wrong then definitely you have opted for the second alternative. It is always an advantage to know your audience and create the type of content they are searching on the internet.

SEO tools can be helpful in dissecting your competitor’s SEO strategy. Not only can you scan their traffic, rankings but also identify the websites that your competitors are getting backlinks from. After identifying those websites you can lay out a strategy for your SEO and reach out to those websites and build links for your website too.

Another task that demands lots of time, work, and also money is SEO audits. SEO tools can slash the work into half while producing better quality results. For example, screaming frog is one such tool that excels in auditing website errors. These SEO tools generate easily readable reports ranging from on-page SEO to links to content to website speed.


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What is Group Buy SEO Tools?

Group Buy SEO tools simply mean shared SEO tools. Some companies go out and buy premium accounts of different popular SEO tools and then offer many premium tools collectively to users who wish to buy these tools at a lower cost than the original price of SEO tools.

When you use such packages from the group buy companies you must keep in mind that you get shared accounts for all the tools included in your package. Shared account means many people will be using the same account that you get to use after purchasing any group buy tools plan. In this case, you may face some limitations in terms of privacy or search limits.

Group buy companies provide you with a Chrome Extension or a Firefox browser with pre-integrated login details. You will have to extract the files and start using the tools you purchased in your package. Group buy packages are compatible with almost every operating system including Windows and Mac.

Some popular tools that you get in group buy are Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Buzzsumo, Grammarly, Woorank, Unbounce, NInjaoutreach, Longtail pro, Lynda, Alexa, Spyfu, Skillshare, Seo Profiler, etc.

What is good about these tools is that they are helpful for those who cannot afford to buy all the premium tools at their original prices. One disadvantage of the group buy tools is that your SEO campaigns might be seen by other people since you get to use shared accounts. Also, these companies will change your accounts from time to time.

Sometimes, your usage will also get limited for some tools to help other users use the tool effectively. For example, Ahrefs standard plan is for $179 with a search limit of 100 domains per day when you buy the tool from the original Ahrefs website. But when you buy Ahrefs from a group buy website you will get it for about $10 with 20 domain searches per day.


Ahrefs Group Buy

Ahrefs is one of the best SAAS SEO tools that helps you with everything starting from keyword research, backlink analysis to domain ranking, site audits, and a lot more. It has the largest backlinks database with awesome web crawling capabilities. Ahrefs pricing is a bit on a high note starting from $99 for the cheapest plan and ranging up to $999 for the highest plan. However, they also offer a 7 days trial for just $7.

With the help of this tool, you can easily spy on your competitor’s strategies, backlinks, organic, and paid keywords, etc. Ahrefs constantly remains in head to head competition with other players like SEMrush, Moz Pro, and Spyfu. If you are still not using Ahrefs in your SEO campaigns then you are losing on a lot of traffic and revenue.



SEMrush Group Buy

If you are into marketing and SEO space then you must have heard about SEMrush.Any list of SEO tools is incomplete without SEMrush. SEMrush is a SAAS all-in-one marketing tool that helps you run your SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing campaigns like a pro.

SEMrush contains more than 40 tools for SEO, competitive research, reporting, advertising, content, social media, etc. In short, you can manage your website’s online visibility completely through this single tool. SEMrush offers a total of 6 toolkits-

  • SEO Toolkit
  • Advertising Toolkit
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Content Marketing Toolkit
  • Competitive Research Toolkit
  • Management Toolkit

It is designed in such a way that even with limited or zero-knowledge you can master it in a very short time. It is the first choice of many intelligent and successful online marketers.


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Grammarly Group Buy

Grammarly is an automated grammar, spelling, proofreading, plagiarism checking tool that anybody can use. No matter you are a scholar, teacher, marketer, or a homemaker, Grammarly keeps a check over your writing and saves you from embarrassing grammatical errors and typos. It suggests edits in real-time based on types of writing like academic, technical, business, creative, etc. It offers both free and paid versions. However, the free version of Grammarly with a few limitations.

Its premium version is at $29.95 when billed monthly, $59.95 when billed quarterly, and $139.95 when billed annually.

Grammarly offers a chrome extension which is free for everyone. It also offers a  Windows app, an online dashboard, and a Microsoft office Extension. If you are not making use of such free resources you are making a huge mistake.


Moz Group Buy

Moz is also an end-to-end SEO software that covers keyword research, site audits, rank tracking, and backlink analysis. It offers Moz Pro, Moz Local, and STAT. It offers a very user-friendly dashboard with easy to navigate menus. With Moz Pro, you can save different campaigns and monitor the rankings and authority over time.

Moz also offers a free chrome extension which shows some basic details like do follow and no follow links about the page you visit in your browser. Moz Pro offers 4 different plans. The cheapest plan starts from $99 per month, the Medium plan for $149 per month, the Large plan for $249 per month, and a premium plan for $599 per month. In terms of value, Moz Pro is a good deal. If you are new to SEO you can go with the Moz Pro Standard plan.


BuzzSumo Group Buy

The most amazing feature of Buzzsumo is the Most shared feature. Just put in your keyword and get a list of the most popular content on that topic. This is a simple yet most powerful feature of Buzzsumo. You can even search on Buzzsumo with your competitor’s domain and steal the best performing content ideas from your competitors.

It allows you to uncover long-tail keywords with its question analyzer. You can get a burning list of topics in your industry with this feature. The Facebook analyzer tool helps you find the untapped content that’s working on Facebook. Also, the Content Analysis feature of Buzzsumo is fire, which helps you find content that works. It also lets you find twitter influencers in your niche. Use the Top Authors feature to get the list of top writers, bloggers, and journalists that publish content in your niche. There are a lot more features that can not be covered here. You must take a visit to Buzzsumo and see the amazing features yourself.


Quetext Group Buy

Quetext is a plagiarism detection software tool built with DeepSearch Technology. Over 1 million people use this tool all across the globe to check their work and prevent duplicate content.

Its DeepSearch technology checks not just the matching phrases but also the traces of contextual plagiarism. It is a must-have tool for your content arsenal whether you are a writer, journalist, blogger, or into academics.


Canva Group Buy

Canva is an online freemium graphics tool that helps you design amazing professional-quality graphics. This is a simple drag and drop tool that offers a throng of features with more than 1 million graphics, photographs, and fonts.

It offers unlimited design templates for almost every purpose. With Canva you can design almost anything and everything from social media graphics to presentations and flyers. It helps you to transform any idea into graphics within minutes. It has numerous pre-designed templates that prove helpful for newbies. Its free plan is more than sufficient if you are just starting. However, if you need more advanced features and photos you can buy its paid version and take your designing to the next level.


Trello Group Buy

It is an amazingly lightweight and user-friendly project management tool designed to help teams and individuals keep their projects organized. Trello offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. It just asks your name and email and password to let you get started. You can define projects and related tasks in their dashboard and later organize and prioritize actions.

It also offers a free plan. Its interface is simple and fresh. However, it lacks hierarchies between projects and tasks. The business class plan costs $9.99 while the Enterprise plan costs $20.83. Trello can be accessed through its website or their app. You can add power-ups to add extra functionality to your boards.


Who Can Use Group Buy SEO Tools?

Group Buy Seo Tools are basically suitable for people who have light to moderate usage. These tools can be used by bloggers, learners and almost every one. They are easy to use.


Why Trainee May Need Group Buy SEO Tools ?

One main reason why SEO trainees go to group buy seo tools is because they cannot
afford the costly options. They have very light or minimal usage and hence they look for group buy internet marketing tools.

With these group buy services a person can easily get access to a lot of premium seo tools which we will be discussing below.


Advantages of Group Buy SEO Tools

  • Good for Newbies
  • Reasonable Price
  • You can start using these tools just after doing the payment
  • More than 95% uptime from the premium sellers

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Most Common Premium Tools Provided By these Group Buy SEO Tools Resellers

Here is the list of most common SEO tools which you can buy from these sellers :

  • Ahefs Group Buy
  • SEMRUSH Group Buy
  • Moz
  • Grammarly Group Buy
  • Similarweb Group Buy
  • Buzzsumo
  • Canva Pro
  • Crello Pro
  • Long Tail Pro
  • Group Buy SEO Tools
  • Majestic and many more

Every seller provide access to different set of tools. A lot depends on your package too. These sellers provide you with different tools.

How to Choose the Best Seo Group Buy Tool

What matters is the uptime. We need to make sure if we are group buying seo tools, they should be functional when you want to use them.


Which Group Buy Tool to Choose From ?

We have tried Flikover & Seo Tool Adda. They provide good group buy SEO services. You can check their prices here :

Flikover Price

Seo Tool Adda Price


Detailed Review of Group Buy SEO Tools

SEO Tool Adda Review

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FAQ Group Buy SEO Tools

Are SEO tools worth it

Yes, SEO tools are worth it.

What are Group Buy SEO Tools ?

Group Buy SEO Tools are basically you buy one software which gives you access to a lot of SEO tools at a cheaper price.

Do I need SEO Tool ?

Yes, We need SEO tools as they make SEO work very easier.





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