HostGator Black Friday Deals 2022 Get Up To 75% discount with free domain

Are you looking for the HostGator Black Friday deals? Then you are in the right place today in this article I am going to give clear information about the HostGator Black Friday Deals and the features, advantages with them.

So if you have these questions in your mind follow this article to get the answers: What is HostGator? What is HostGator Black Friday Deals? Why you should select the HostGator Black Friday Deals? How to get you Black Friday Deals? Ok now get ready to know the answers.


What is HostGator?


Before we get started let us see a short introduction about the HostGator Hosting Company.
HostGator will definitely secure a place in the top 20 hosting companies in 2020 list. Currently it hosts about 10 million plus websites around the world. It was found 16 years ago and started its international hosting in 2006. The headquarters of the company is located in Texas with 1000 employees.

In the first 10 years the company gathered massive reputation and response from the site owners. Its cloud platform promises great speed, scalability, reliable uptime and security. The HostGator plans are low than their competitors and they specialize in individual hosting services and small business hosting services.
They provide various types of pricing and plan. All their plans come with the money back guarantee and free Domains. HostGator is one of the awards winning hosting company with large customers and database.


What is HostGator Black Friday Deals 2021?


On this Black Friday HostGator is offering amazing discount on their hosting plan. These deals go live by this Friday and valid till December 1. Here are the offers and discount you can grab during this Black Friday Deals.

HostGator offers different types of hosting plan they are Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress Hosting and Dedicated server hosting. Here the discount and offers available with each plan
Shared Hosting

In this method of hosting more than one website is hosted in the same server. Thus all of them share the resources of the server. It is cheapest form of hosting. The problem with this if any one of the site attracts large traffic the speed of the other servers may go down. HostGator provides three types of Shared Hosting


i) Hatching plan – 70% Discount- $2.08/month

It is the cheapest form of shared hosting plan offered by the HostGator. If you are the beginner and want to start your own blog or site for your business than hatching Plan is the best choice for you. It is the entry level option and testing option for you. It comes with the following features
Single Domain
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Shared SSL Certificate

ii) Baby plan – 75% Discount-$2.49/month

This is the mid-level plan, best for the beginner and professional bloggers and web developers. It is the widely used and famous plan of the HostGator. If you plan to run a successful site for long period then this plan is the best choice for you. This plan comes with the following features
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited bandwidth
Shared SSL Certificate
Unlimited Sub Domains

iii) Business Plan – 75% Discount-$3.74/month

This is the upgraded package of the above plan, it is the costliest shared hosting plan offered by the HostGator. As like its name it is best choice for the business websites or websites with heavy traffic. The features available with this plan are
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Private SSL certificate
Free Private IP Address
Fee Toll-Free-Number
Unlimited sub-domains etc…

Cloud Hosting – 70% Discount

Cloud based shared hosting is the method of hosting where all your site data are stored in the cloud instead of a particular server. This reduces the weight and density of the site and increases the sites performance. Cloud based sites runs two times better than the shared hosting. This don’t have disadvantage of shared hosting.
As like the shared hosting HostGator has divided the Cloud hosting into three types

i) Hatching Cloud
Single Domain
2 GB Memory
2 CPU Cores

ii) Baby Cloud
Unlimited Domains
4 GB Memory
4 CPU Cores

iii) Business Cloud
Unlimited Domains
6 GB Memory
6 CPU Cores
Private SSL Certificate
Dedicated IP Address
WordPress Hosting Plan – 70% Discount
It is same as the shared hosting the only difference is the site hosted is a WordPress sites. HostGator has divided their managed WordPress hosting into three types as follow

i) Starter – $5.95/mo
Single site
1 GB Daily Backup
10,000 visitors per month
2x shard hosting resources
1 site free migration

ii) Standard – $7.95/mo
2 sites
2 GB Daily Backup
20,000 visitors per month
2x shard hosting resources
2 sites free migration

iii) Business – $9.95/mo
3 sites
3 GB Daily Backup
50,000 visitors per month
5x shard hosting resources
3 sites free migration

Other than the above said plans HostGator also provides other type of hosting services, and the offers are yet to be announced for them. Here are the other types of hosting plans provided by the HostGator

  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting which further classified as managed and semi-managed.
  • Reseller Hosting

In our view HostGator is the best web hosting provider in the world, and the discounts and offers available during this black Friday is hard to get. The deal will only live till the 2nd December 2020. So if you think there is best value with HostGator, without further delay activate your HostGator Black Friday sales in their official website.
I hope you got the best hosting company for you, if not check my recent blogs to know about the black Friday offers of the other hosting companies. Please share your thoughts on the HostGator Black Friday deals in the comment section.