KnownHost Black Friday Deals 2022 {Get 50% discount on all its plans}


Looking for the best hosting deal of 2020? As a beginner do you want to start a site with low budget? It is the right time for it. KnownHost is offering amazing deals for this Black Friday.

It is a common practice of the hosting companies, offering highly beneficial discounts during the Black Friday. As a lead player in the hosting industry KnownHost has announced 50% discount on all their hosting plans and packages.

If you are looking for more information about the KnownHost services and their Black Friday deals? You are in the right place. Today in this article I am going to explain you about the KnownHost Black Friday deals and offers and my short review about it.

Okay, without further adieu let us see a short introduction about the KnownHost hosting company.


History of KnownHost

KnownHost is a website hosting company that held in private hands from its inception in 2006. It started as US based company but now it has datacenters in Atlanta and Netherlands. The customers of the KnownHost are spread across the major 150 countries of the world.

They have been providing premium hosting services with affordable. KnownHost provides various types hosting services that include VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and shared hosting.

They provide service and 24/7 support for both small and large customers with professional team with 20 years experience in Industry. The main target of the KnownHost is the website owners who prioritize the quality over the cost. They ensure maximum Uptime and performance of the sites.


KnownHost Black Friday Deals 2021

KnownHost provide different types of hosting plans and packages. During this Black Friday You will get 50% discount for all their plans. This gives you the choice to choose your best hosting plan and packages. Let me explain you the different types of hosting and KnownHost plans.


Shared Hosting

It is the cheapest for of hosting method. Under this method you will share the resources of your server with other sites that runs in your server. It will be the best choice for the start-ups and low traffic websites. The main drawback is that your resources are shared. So if any of the website in the server attracts large traffic the performance of the other sites in the same server will get affected.

KnownHost has classified its shared hosting plan into three types,

i) Basic

If you are planning to give a try for blogging site or planning to create a portfolio site then this Plan will be the best choice for you. It is the cheapest form of shared hosting. In normal days it costs $8.95/month, but during this black Friday deal you can secure it with $3.47/month.

ii) Standard

It is for the middle sized blogging sites and small business sites. It has all the features of the basic plan the major difference is you can use more emails and sub-domains than the basic plan. The original cost of the plan is $12.95/month, now available at $6.47/month.

iii) Professional

If you are a professional blogger with large traffic and user base then this type of shared hosting is the best choice for you. It is costlier than the previous two hosting plan but worth it. On this black Friday you can get this plan at $9.97/month by saving $10/month.


Reseller Hosting

The special thing about the KnownHost is their Reseller hosting plans. You can try reseller hosting if you want to sell hosting plans to other websites. It is a White Web hosting mark. You can buy the hosting plan from the KnownHost and resell them to other websites at your price.

KnownHost provide four types of Reseller hosting packages based on the number sites buys your plan. Here are the  four types Resell hosting plans and their prices

  • Basic: Original Price $13.95/month, now available at $6.97/month
  • Standard: Original Price $19.95/month, Black Friday price $9.97/month
  • Professional: Original Price $29.95/month, discounted price $14.97/month
  • Premium: Original Price $54.95/month, discounted as $27.47/month


VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is elaborated as the Virtual Private Server, it is the exact opposite of the shared hosting. You will have full access of your server resources and this will increase your site performance. If you are large traffic attracting blogging site or business site then this will be the choice for you.

KnownHost provide four types of VPS Hosting, here are price information about them.

  • Basic: Original Price $50 /month, now available at $28 /month
  • Standard: Original Price $80 /month, Black Friday price $49 /month
  • Professional: Original Price $100 /month, discounted price $63 /month
  • Premium: Original Price $125 /month, discounted as $80.50 /month


Cloud Services

It is cost effective than VPS hosting, but small sites and business may find it hard to afford it. Under this type your site will be hosted using numerous remote servers. Thus if one server got affected other servers will start to run and ensures 100% Uptime.

KnownHost Provide three types of cloud Services they are,

  • Cloud 1: Original Price $80/month, now available at $50.40 /month
  • Cloud 2: Original Price $100/month, now available at $63/month
  • Cloud 3: Original Price $150/month, now available at $94.50 /month


Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server of the KnownHost has many premium features and the rates differ based on the features you use. Here are the two major discounted dedicated hosting plans.

  • Intel Xeon E-2224 – Black Friday rate is $87.20/month
  • Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4208 – Discounted as $175.20/month


WordPress Hosting

KnownHost also provide WordPress hosting services. They manage your WordPress sites and ensure the best performances. Here are two WordPress Hosting Plan offered by the KnownHost.

  • Entry Level: Original rate $11.95/month now at $5.95/month
  • Business Level: Original rate $19.95/month available at $9.98/month


Final Words

I hope you have found the best Black Friday deals from the above information. This special offer will live by the Black Friday till December 1st. So get your card rush to the official site of KnownHost to grab your amazing Black Friday Deals 2020.

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