Some Important Points to Keep in Mind

Ads can’t contain more than 25 characters in the headline, or more than 35 characters in the display URL or description lines. When you are considering keywords in your ad group to insert, they must still fit the ad’s character limit. If your keyword is longer than the space allocated in the headline or body text, the default text that you enter will be shown instead.

Use Keyword Insertion in Google Adwords


Keyword Insertion is an AdWords feature that dynamically updates your ad text to include the keyword or keywords that caused your ad to show.

By using Keyword Insertion, you create highly targeted and specific ads that closely match your customer’s searches. You can use this feature in the Headline, either one of the description lines or the display URL of your ad!

  • To use this feature in your ads, you insert a special piece of code into your ad text. For example, let’s say you’re running a campaign to advertise your candy store and you have an ad group that promotes your chocolate candy products. The snippet of code that you’ll insert in your ad text might look like the following: {KeyWord:Chocolate}. Doing this means that when a keyword can’t be inserted in your ad, we’ll insert Chocolate instead.
  • Then, when a customer uses one of your keywords in their search, AdWords automatically replaces the code with the keyword that triggered your ad.
  • This feature allows you to have one ad that appears differently to customers depending on their search terms, making your ads appear more relevant and useful.


How Keyword Insertion Works


Let’s say you’re advertising a chocolate shop. You could use a keyword insertion code in your ad headline:

Headline: Buy {KeyWord:Chocolate}

AdWords will try to replace this code with one of your keywords in your ad group (“dark chocolate,” “sugar free chocolate,” “gourmet chocolate truffles”), but when it can’t, it’ll use the word “Chocolate.”

Note that the person’s search term isn’t always the same as the keyword.

Person searches for: Your ad could look like:
dark chocolate bar Buy Dark Chocolate
Artisan candy from San Francisco
Free shipping orders $50 more
sugar free chocolate Buy Sugar Free Chocolate
Artisan candy from San Francisco
Free shipping orders $50 more
gourmet chocolate truffles Buy Chocolate
Artisan candy from San Francisco
Free shipping orders $50 more


In the last example, “Chocolate” goes in the headline because the keyword “gourmet chocolate truffles” is too long to fit.

Check out full video from Google here :