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MPC is meant to be used directly on your website. On average you’ll build 30,000 Html pages in but 3 minutes. No FTP of files required. Pages are instantly live.

Other programs expect you to affect complicated spread sheets and many variables. And in any case that employment, pages are built with unpredictable URLs. Each run is different.


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All that madness ends with Mass Page Creator:

  • No Spread sheets. Not even one.
  • Only Nine Variables. Yes, that’s all you ought to ever need. Variables are set by MPC formulas, not spread sheet entries.
  • Projects build predictable URLs. You’ll create 1000’s pages and rerun the Project to update all the pages. You’ll even unbuild the Project to get rid of all the pages in seconds.
  • Mpc can “grab” one among your WP pages and use it for mass-producing tens of thousands of Html pages. These pages are going to be themed exactly like your core WP site. No more bloated WP databases.


This mass page builder is actually a really sophisticated programming tool. It can do nearly anything imaginable that a mass site tool can do. It even has add-ons for site cloaking with IP redirecting. It’s inbuilt siloing and features that eliminate the necessity to be used of a spread sheet that Larry the creator of the program loathes. Larry’s favourite goal is additionally to rid the utilization of Word Press entirely because it isn’t needed together with his mass site builder though it can still be used as a front.


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Site Preview, page editor, content rebuilder makes fine-tuning your website a breeze. It includes a feature called Pages which can create site titles and headers for indexing and only builds out the page once a visitor accesses the listing via Google. This enables you to upload massive quantities of pages to your host provider without a glitch.



  • Free Updates for life.
  • Auto Page Interlinking.
  • Xml and Html Sitemaps.
  • Unlimited Spintax nesting.
  • API access to SpinReWriter.
  • Build Perfect Silo structures.
  • Mass produce any webpage.
  • Allows multiple Source Files.
  • API access to Article Builder.
  • No Footprint for Google to find.
  • Search Engine Friendly Urls.
  • Dynamic Includes. Modify pages without rebuilding.
  • Google Map and Weather widgets based on Vars.
  • Easily install to and remove from client servers.
  • Dynamic YouTube videos based on Vars.


The tool features an inbuilt page capture to capture any site template and import it into its sophisticated page builder. It also has an XML and HTML Sitemap creator inbuilt.


The most impressive feature of the merchandise however is something’s called Dynamic Includes…which may be a special function that permits you to form any part of your site template into a programmable variable that will get replaced on the fly. Imagine all pages of the location containing a picture with an affiliate link, and then suddenly the affiliate product not exists. With variable includes, you now have the power to vary, for instance, the affiliate link on every page that it’s located within the image in seconds. This will also reach phone numbers and even lines of content. It’s only limited to your imagination.


Other Mass Page Creators


Other mass page creators are:

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  • Page Generator Pro
  • SERP Farm
  • Local Pages Ninja
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  • Workhorse SEO Plugin


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