Shopify Inspector your Ecommerce Partner – A Quick Review 


One of the secrets to being successful in the ecommerce industry is to do some competitor research and analysis to plan your business strategies accordingly. What if there is an easy solution where you can easily know all the info to stay ahead in the business. 

Now there are tools in the market that can help you know:

  • All the winning strategies that your competitors are using and the secrets of their success.
  • The apps they are using to get maximum conversions. 
  • The best-selling products your competitors focus on in their stores in your niche.


What is Shopify Inspector

Shopify inspector is a legal way to track and spy on your competitors in the market in your own niche. Shopify Inspector had been in the market for quite some time but due to some recent updates that include traffic and social media ads analysis, it has again come to the limelight. It has already created a lot of buzz and caught the eyes of the major stores in the market.

This tool comes either as a free Chrome extension or as a web-based app that allows Shopify store owners or drop shippers to analyze competitors without breaching data security laws.

It is designed in a way to scan ecommerce stores and fetch useful information from other stores. It then collates that information in an easily readable format with all the stats and figures of your interest. It can help you know

  • The latest competitor product launches in your niche 
  • The Best-selling products in the market 
  • Different apps being used by the competitors 
  • The amount of traffic your competitor website is drawing  
  • The ad campaigns being run by your competitors
  • The sales figure of the competitors 


Let’s explore the main features and benefits of Shopify Inspector:


Analyze sales figures

The tool helps you know the number of units sold and the revenue generated for as many stores as you like.  Though some useful features are available in the free version but in-depth sales analysis and extensive features are available in the premium paid version only. These features include shop level revenue, product level revenue, bestsellers items, and so on.

You can surely use the Shopify platform to have a competitive edge over your competitors. 


Analyze the amount and origin of traffic

Interestingly Shopify Inspector lets you track and analyze the traffic in any store. 

The number of visits made to a particular store per month.

The source of traffic whether it is social media, paid ads, mail, SEO-driven traffic from a search engine, etc.

The different social media networks that the store is active on, and getting maximum conversions.


Analyze Facebook ads

The paid version will help you know the current ad campaigns being run on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram by your competitor.  You can also access the inactive ads from the past. This can give you plenty of ideas for your own ad campaigns. 


Shopify Inspector: Free Chrome extension vs paid app

The premium paid versions of Shopify Inspector have many advanced features like searching for all products across shops, search apps across different shops, etc.

The paid versions of the app vary from $49/month to $499/month. What you are finally going to choose depends on how many stores you are running and how well established they are.


Free Chrome extension

This free plug-in allows you to track below mentioned features:

All-time best seller products in competitor stores.

Recent product launches in the market by day or tag.

Apps being used by competitor stores.


Premium Versions

The Paid Version lets you access unlimited data and allow you to track:

All-time best seller products in competitor stores

Recent product launches in the market by day or tag

Apps being used by competitor stores

Shop-level revenue and Product-level revenue

Last week’s best sellers in the market

Search different products and apps being used

Top selling and trending lists of shops in the market

Current ad campaigns run by competitors


Pros & Cons of Shopify Inspector


Main pros of Shopify Inspector

A comprehensive tool designed keeping in mind the online Shopify business requirements

Allows you to track products, sales, app usage, traffic, ads, social media, etc. of competitors

Easy to use and User-friendly interface

Easily readable data, analytics, and reports 

Chrome extension of the tool is free to use


Main cons of Shopify Inspector

All the features are not available in the free Chrome extension

Not all browsers support the free extension

The premium paid versions have much more to offer but they may be beyond the budgets of smaller stores