Slingly Review – Latest E-Commerce Automation Tool


If you are the one who always looks for ways and methods to boost your e-commerce business then you must stay updated on the latest tools and techniques available in the market that can really help you achieve your target. There is one new e-commerce Automation platform that has created a lot of buzz and can help you provide some insights on how to promote your business and make money.  Let’s try to understand what this tool has to offer.


E-Commerce Automation With Slingly

Slingly Pro is an e-commerce automation tool that can help you set up your store, promote and offer a wide range of products that in turn helps you generate more leads in a short amount of time.

It was started as a cataloging company that helped people match their e-commerce stores on Shopify. Now it has evolved into a print-on-demand service that provides more than 32 different products that you can print and deliver to your customers hands-free. 

It is a catalog imagining tool that you can use to create your own predominant inventory with multiple products to print on such as t-shirts, flip-flops, sneakers, jewelry, and much more. It teaches how to create your e-commerce platform to upload your own designs and print them on-demand on various major platforms. Slingly Pro is well integrated with different platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Groove Cart, and Gear Bubble Pro.


How Does Slingly Pro Work?

Slingly Pro gives you an in-depth guide that will help you understand to create your platform and master the E-commerce business. It has a detailed guide and tools to help you print on demand and accomplish your tasks efficiently.  Singly Pro premium version has a product catalog with more than 18000 designs that you can add to your e-commerce store with just one click of the button.


Slingly Key Features:

Slingly Pro is a professional e-commerce automation platform that helps you to bring out the best from your e-commerce business and help you make good profits by increasing your online sales. Some of the special features of Slingly Pro make it stand out from the competition as compared to other e-commerce platforms.



Slingly pro software is well integrated with major e-commerce websites like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Groove Cart, and Gear Bubble Pro. It is also being integrated with other e-commerce websites.

Now you can sell print-on-demand products on any of the stores that are integrated with Slingly.


E-Commerce Learning

Slingly can guide you through different strategies you can follow to increase your business.


Slingly academy

Slingly Pro, provides you e-commerce coaching and training sessions that would teach you to build your platform and will also provide you with special tips and techniques to expand your business and reach the mark of that seven-figure income.


Marketing Strategies

Slingly Pro service guides you, which approaches or techniques you must follow to attract more customers by wise and timely advertisement and other strategies. Marketing strategies if applied correctly can provide a big boost to your e-commerce business.


Lead Generation

The Pro service will teach you how to generate more leads and increase your overall sales in a short amount of time. It will guide you through how to reach out to the right audience. Simply put, you’ll be able to learn and understand lead generation more efficiently in your own niche.



To successfully grow in the E-commerce business you have to use the proper technological tools that will help you stand out from your competitors in the market. Slingly comes with all the tools that you’ll need to bloom your e-commerce platform and business. 


Slingly Bonus offers


Traffic and Cash Flow Framework

Slingly comes with a traffic flow framework that will guide you on how to get daily traffic to your store.The cash flow framework will provide you with secrets of the e-commerce market and recordings of these strategies to increase your cash flow.


Social Media Branding Plans

Social media is one of the major branding and marketing sources for e-commerce platforms. So it’s very important that you get to know how to use it to your benefit and take your business to the next level.


Premium Designs for Special Occasions

Having customized products for special occasions attracts more customers to your platform. With Slingly you can design your own products for special occasions like Mother’s day, Father’s day, etc. and make a good profit on special occasions. 


What is Special about Slingly Pro?

There are many competitors to singly such as Hubspot, Pardot, Wizgo, and others. Still, Slingly stands out from its competitors. Some of the major reasons are mentioned here.


Many Pre-designed Product Catalogue

With Slingly not only you can design your own products but it comes with 18000 done-for-you products to be added onto your shop in just one click.


Integrated with Multiple Stores

Most of the e-commerce automation tools available in the market are only integrated with only one or two stores at a time. But Slingly Pro is integrated with five major stores and still working to add more and more stores.


Slingly Pricing and Offers:

Slingly Pro has got flexible plans and pricing so that you can get access to it as per your requirements and budget

Slingly Pro is currently offering a special offer where you can do one-time payment of just $497 and avail all the services it has to offer.

Other than one-time payment plan it also offers a two Payment system each for $297 and six payment systems with each of $99. You can always ask for cancellation and a money refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Once the deal ends, the price goes back to normal that is $99/month.


Reasons for Using Slingly:

Slingly provides $8000 Shopify themes that will help you start your business right away. It helps you manage multi-store together and produce spreadsheets in just a few clicks. 

Slingly helps you create high-quality advertisements to use on your Facebook as a part of your sales campaign. With this, you get access to their $200k Facebook ad targeting Library and help you gain an audience. 

You can get access to multiple readymade designs for almost all ranges of products such as pillows, sneakers, etc. With auto-fulfillment, you don’t have to touch any product and can start selling immediately. You also get access to 20k+ premium designs to create your own products. These are regularly updated with the latest trends.