SpreadSimple Review & Discount Code 2023


In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses need efficient tools to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. Spread Simple, a cutting-edge software solution, emerges as a game-changer in the realm of data management and organization. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and stellar customer reviews, Spread Simple is poised to revolutionize the way businesses handle data in 2023 and beyond.


What is SpreadSimple?


SpreadSimple is an online application that provides a very quick and easy solution to build and manage full of features websites without the need for coding.

SpreadSimple is a drag-and-drop website builder created to assist businesses in constructing and managing websites using Google Sheets. Professionals may manage stocks, product prices, and orders using the tool, which also allows formulae and expressions, collaborative editing, chats, and other features.




  • Promo codes
  • Billplz Checkout
  • Navigation aliases
  • Always up-to-date & Easy to manage data
  • Item details page
  • Order form
  • Item Variations
  • Embed as a widget to an external website
  • Website localization
  • WhatsApp Add-on
  • PayPal Checkout
  • Stripe Checkout
  • Google Analytics add-on
  • Content pages
  • Webhooks
  • Connect custom domain
  • SEO: meta tags, favicon, preview image
  • Email receipts
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile friendly
  • Sorting, Search, Pagination
  • Filters and categories
  • HTTPS/SSL support
  • Add custom scripts and CSS
  • Open any embedded service in popup
  • Header & Navigation
  • Cookie Popup
  • Add-ons
  • Markdown Support
  • Razorpay Checkout
  • Multiple Payment option
  • Password Protection
  • Featured cards
  • Stock limitation
  • Shipping options and rates
  • Taxes and fees
  • RSS Feed
  • Payplug Checkout
  • (XML) Sitemap
  • Custom 404 pages
  • Memberstack Add-on
  • URL Replacement tags
  • Different themes
  • Flexible content representation
  • Content mapping
  • Free dedicated subdomain




Spread Simple offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes. The pricing structure ensures affordability and scalability, making it an ideal choice for startups, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. By providing transparent pricing options, Spread Simple empowers businesses to optimize their budgets while enjoying the full suite of features.


  • Free $ 0 per website
  • Pro $ 13/month per website




Businesses from a variety of sectors have praised Spread Simple. Users appreciate its ease of use, adaptability, and innovative impact on their data management procedures.



  • Intuitive interface
  • Robust features
  • Comprehensive reporting features
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Less templates to use


Why create websites with SpreadSimple?

  • Manage website content from Google Sheets
  • Blazing fast setup
  • Modern, feature-rich websites with no code


Spread Simple is a game-changing software solution for businesses seeking to streamline their data management processes in 2023. With its competitive pricing, intuitive features, and positive customer reviews, it proves to be an indispensable tool for organizations of all sizes. Embrace the power of Spread Simple and unlock the full potential of your business’s data management capabilities.