Translatepress WordPress Plugin


The TranslatePress interface allows translating any textual content on a page, including posts, pages, WordPress theme, etc.

If a manual translation isn’t for you or is too time-consuming, TranslatePress also provides a Google Translate API connection, which speeds up the translation process. You may manually correct any of Google’s AI-powered translations if you feel that they are incorrect.

Translate Press WordPress Plugin

TranslatePress is a fantastic translation plugin that allows you to translate your WordPress site without having to know any coding.

All of these issues may be solved with the help of TranslatePress, a WordPress translation plugin.

  • You may use a live editor to translate your website and content, with an actual preview of each page on your site.
  • The live editor allows you to switch languages instantly.
  • Using the same interface, you can simply translate your theme, content, and plugins.
  • For automated translations, use Google Translate and only modify the sections that don’t make sense.

How to Install and Set Up TranslatePress?

  • Go to Plugins
  • Add New and search for TranslatePress
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Settings → TranslatePress
  • Choose the languages
  • Click Save Changes
  • Enable Automatic Translation

Translate Press Price


Is Translatepress Free?

The free version of TranslatePress will be ideal for bilingual websites.

In other words, the easiest approach to add a second language to your WordPress website is to use TranslatePress free.

This gives up a lot of possibilities for firms looking to grow into a nearby nation or make their business information public in a more widely spoken language throughout the world.

You may use the complete translation interface with TranslatePress free. Texts, graphics, buttons, menus, and more may all be translated.