Important Points to Know Before We Start

Review extensions are only available with campaigns running on the Google Search Network. They won’t appear with ads on the Display Network.

The reviews you submit should focus on your business as a whole, as opposed to a review about a specific product or service. This helps make the review relevant to just about all of your ads.

Use Google Reviews to Get More Leads


  • First, select the campaign you want to add a review extension to from the All Campaigns page. Then click on the Ad Extensions tab in the row of gray tabs and select Review Extensions from the “View” drop down menu. Click the red +Extension button, and then click +New Review.
  • Next, you’ll need to indicate whether the review you’re submitting is an exact quote from the reviewer, or paraphrased. \
  • Then, add the review text. There are a few things to keep in mind when submitting your review: Make sure you use a high quality review from a reputable third-party source that is not over one year old. A quote from an expert editorial review is ideal, but a quote from an individual customer on a retail site will be disapproved.
  • If you need to omit a few words or a phrase in the review text to save space, use an ellipsis in your paraphrased review. 2:08 Also make sure not to use the same or a similar review in both the ad text and review extension for a campaign or ad group: this might create repeated text in the same ad. And be careful not to repeat your business name in the review text – it’s against policy.
  • Instead, use your review extension to give potential customers more information about your business, rather than repeating information they already see in your ads!
  • In the source section, enter the name of the third-party publisher of the quoted or paraphrased review you’re using in your review extension.
  • Next, enter the landing page URL of the third-party website where the quoted or paraphrased review is located. Then click Save. 2:52 Make sure that your newly created review extension appears on the right under “Selected Reviews” and then click Save at the bottom of the large gray box to finish.
  • Next, your review extension will be reviewed for policy compliance. Approved reviews normally begin appearing with your ads within a day or two. If your review gets disapproved, you can hover over the bubble in the status column to find out why, then make a change and resubmit the extension for review. Check out our review extension policies for more information.
  • Finally, review extensions are a great compliment to seller ratings. Seller ratings are an eye-catching way to show how much online shoppers valued their experience with your business. When you add a review extension to the mix, you’re able to validate your positive seller ratings while also providing more detail about your business.

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