Learn to Use Message Extensions in Google Adwords


  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Campaigns or Ad group tab.
  3. Click the Ad extensions tab.
  4. Click the View menu, then select “Message extensions”.
  5. Click the Campaign or Ad group tab, then select the campaigns or ad groups you want to add the message extension to, and then click Done.
  6. At the bottom of the table, click + New Message.
  7. Enter the information for your message ads:
    • Business name: The name of your business.
    • Phone number: A phone number that’s capable of sending and receiving text messages.
    • Extension text: The text that will go in your click-to-message ad. (Character Limit : 35 Characters )
    • Message text: The message text automatically shows in people’s messaging apps when they tap to send you a message. (For example, the message text might be: “I’d like to know more. Please text me back.”) ( Character Limit : 100 Characters )
  8. Click Advanced to restrict the message extension to certain dates or hours of the day.
  9. Click Save.

** Message Extension will work only on Mobile Devices & works like Call Extension.